1. mhys33

    Disabling discrete graphics on Intel dh77eb

    I have an intel DH77EB Mobo with an i7-3770 processor and GTX 1050ti. The cable is connected to the DGPU. If I set IGPU to always enabled in the BIOS, MacOS won't boot. I need to boot with the IGPU in order to get graphics to work properly. The IGPU isn't detected right now. I removed the DGPU...
  2. mhys33

    Use iGPU instead of Nvidia GPU

    I'm currently running Mojave with an i7-3770 with intel HD4000 on an intel DH77EB mobo, along with GTX 1050ti OC as GPU. My question is can I use the Intel hd 4000 instead of the 1050ti when the cable is connected to the DGPU? The IGPU has native support in Mojave. Mojave fails to boot when I...
  3. mamPHP

    An GPU/RAM for my build with (intel DH77EB)

    Hi, Bought in local shop for half price this bundle CPU (i5 3570K) + Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W and intel DH77EB motherboard. In your experience which is the best GPU and RAM for working with Finalcut and RAW images? Thanks in Advance and happy new year :)
  4. robertbratu

    Help installing Sierra on Intel DH77EB

    I am trying to install Sierra with Clover with UEFI, but I can't even begin the installation. It stucks after I hit Boot Sierra in the clover menu. I tried with -verbose and it says "Boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting..." Can anyone help please?
  5. xmpirate

    HD4000 not working out of the box. DH77EB I7-3770

    According to this post here http://www.tonymacx86.com/dsdt/82694-intel-dh77eb-dsdt-3.html The HD4000 graphics should work out of the box. But I'm having trouble enabling it. I have attached my Multibeast installation config. Also if I boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes the screen scrambles/distorts...