1. evdv

    HackinCube Asus H110t Core i5 6400 4gig Ram Intel 530

    Hope this is ok to post My Cube is up and running-still to fix sleep . With regards to Graphics - It helps to inject into the folder on the EFI partition ! Doah ! Asus H110T/CSM Thin Mini ITX . I removed the whole cube system and used my custom alloy frame . Also added an Apple usb optical...
  2. rake.mistry

    G4 Cube Build Advice

    Hi all! After months of lurking these forums, I've finally decided to take the plunge and turn my G4 Cube into a hackintosh. I've read through quite a few threads, and think I've figured out exactly what hardware I'd like to use. The Cube will be used mainly for web/software development, and...
  3. OkieDeric

    Okies NUC Cube with 3D Printed parts (WIP)

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking around here for some time and thought I would start a thread on my build. I started with a NUC D54250WYKH and G4 Cube. I got both off ebay. I added the following to the NUC. Memory = 16GB HyperX Impact Storage = 250GB mSATA Samsung 850 Wifi = Spare HP mPCIe I...
  4. macaddict71

    Silent Cube – Core i7, GTX 750Ti, PowerLogix

    I recently completed another Mac Cube mod. My previous Cube mods have never been satisfactory as I wanted to achieve the following: Silent operation Powerful processor Dedicated graphics Large storage capacity This mod is largely a prototype for whether I could achieve all of the above and...
  5. rayd

    Rayd's G4 Cube Hackintosh - i7 4790S - H87I-PLUS - GTX 1050 Ti - 2x 1TB SSD

    Rayd's G4 Cube - Asus H87i-PRO - i7 4790S - GTX 750 Ti - DVD-RW - 1TB SSD - 16GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM Components ASUS H87I-Plus i7 4 Core 3.2Ghz 4790S 65W TDP...
  6. jespera

    Beginners luck Cube project

    Beginners luck Cube project - DISCONTINUED NOTE: DISCONTINUED due to lack of time! Hi! I have now bought my first complete Cube (100 dollars in mint condition with all the accessories, like keyboard, mouse and speakers), and will start my first Cube mod. My previous experience is running...
  7. sleppek

    sleppek's Cube 2.1 Build: Core i7-3770T - GA-Z77N-WIFI - 16GB RAM - 500GB SSD - ATI 6670

    sleppek's Cube 2.1 Build: Core i7-3770T - GA-Z77N-WIFI - 16GB RAM – 500GB SSD - ATI 6670 Components Intel Core i7-3770T, 4x 2.50GHz, LGA1155, 45W TDP CPU [amazon-de][/amazon-de] Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI, Z77 Mainboard...
  8. ahhyes

    Forum inspired cube mod

    After following the threads of the other great cube mods and having thought about a hackintosh for a while I decided I'd tackle a cube! After watching ebay and various sites for a few months it seemed cubes are in high demand and in low supply and to get a mint one would cost me around £100, a...