1. StGeorge1

    G5 build Question

    In the thread "Lian Li Sacrifice case for G5 - L35 Bargain" (Dec 18, 2013), MACNB discusses building a Hackintosh in a Mac G5 case using the internal hardware from an old Lian Li PC-A10 case. This will be my first mod, but I feel that the G5 case is worth the effort. I plan to build with an i7...
  2. subdream

    Taking the plunge

    Hi folks, I am about to take the plunge and build a hackintosh. I have been an Apple users for about 7 years now. I have an iMac 2009 and I was hoping to upgrade to the new macbook pro. However the new design is doing nothing for me and as I use my computer for music production, I've decided...
  3. khriswithak

    Bitfenix Pandora Core case cooling?

    Bitfenix Pandora case cooling? Hi! I'm thinking of building my CustoMac using this case. Since it's a slimmer design than most of the cases in the buying guide I was wondering what type of heating issues I may run into with this case and what type of fans/cooling I could use to alleviate any...
  4. erod998

    4930k Editing/Gaming Rig Advice

    Hello! This is my first hackintosh. Will be using Adobe Programs and having a dedicated Windows 8 SSD for gaming. This is my current parts list. Processor: i7 4930k 3.4Ghz Hexa-Core, plan on OC it to 4.2-4.4Ghz. This used to be the 3930k.
  5. CaptainFrosty7

    Good Cases

    hello, I was wondering what your guys favorite cases were. I'm currently deciding which one I want to get and I really like the nzxt phantom 820. What about you?
  6. Ruzude

    Future proofing

    I'm waiting for the mavericks release to build my hackintosh I'm just wondering what parts I coud buy that will still work when mavericks is out and also if I can buy the bitfenix case now or if that won't work with haswell