1. wisfor

    [OpenCore] Help with backlight fix on Ideapad 310-15IKB

    Hi all, I have been trying for a few weeks to get backlight working on Catalina but I can't seem to be successful. Can anyone help me with this please? Whatevergreen nor AppleBacklightFixup work, and I am really getting hopeless now Also, is Catalina okay or should I go back to High Sierra...
  2. PatrickTheTechGuy

    Backlight control stopped working after update to 10.15.5

    Right after I installed the latest update, the backlight slider disappeared under settings. I'm hoping someone could take a look at my configuration and let me know if I need to change something to get it working again. Thanks! Acer R5-571TG i7-7500U 12Gb Ram Intel HD 620
  3. james2058

    << Solved >> How to enable "backlight keyboard control options" in keyboard settings? (AsusSMC)

    Hello guys! I have a Asus Zenbook with the following characteristics: Model: ASUS Zenbook UX310UQ CPU: Intel Core i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz IGPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 RAM: 8GBx2 => 16GB RAM Bus 2133 Wifi: Replaced with DW1560. Clover: Clover 5117 OS: 10.15.4 (19E287) UEFI/LEGACY: UEFI Storage: SSD...
  4. kristianalb

    DELL G5 Backlight low level after lid closed

    Hi, I have installed Mojave 10.14.6. I have one issue with my laptop. If I put the laptop to sleep from menu, there is no problem, the laptop will wake up and the backlight level is where I left. If I put the laptop by closing the lid than at the moment I wake up it will give me a minimum...
  5. Legoboy0215

    [Guide] Dimming screen brightness without fixing backlight

    Hello! I am pretty new to this forum, and I don't really know where to post this small tip (not really a guide). I found this really helpful since I have a laptop running a Nvidia GPU, which meant that the usual Intel backlight patches by @RehabMan don't work for me. After an hour of digging, I...
  6. aharshac

    Asus ROG FX553VE issues

    Hi. I'm requesting help to fix keyboard backlight, Fn keys and sleep issues on my Asus ROG FX553VE-DM318T laptop. Specifications Intel i7-7700HQ 39.62cm(15.6) (16:9) LED backlit FHD (1920x1080) 60Hz 1 TB HDD M.2 NVMe SSD slot - no SSD provided, not upgraded 2x8GB RAM - stock 8GB Intel HD630...
  7. Glum

    Need help with low/unchangeable brightness after wake (All-in-One PC)

    Hello Hackintoshers :wave:, I've installed Mojave on my HP Pavilion 23-q120 AIO DESKTOP PC with vanilla method. Most of everything seems to be working fine including the brightness control using SSDT-PNLF.aml from RehabMan's backlight guide but the issue I'm facing is after waking my PC from...
  8. Flemidra

    No keystrokes on syslog while using ACPI Debug and patches to fix my brightness key

    Im trying to change my brightness key from FN+ S and FN+B to F11 and F12. I did all the steps mentioned on this guide: I create a new DSDT, patch it using the "add DSDT Debug Methods" and "Instrument...
  9. davideparpi

    Having issues with backlight (brightness) and disabling the discrete GPU

    Hi guys, In my HP g6-2305sl I'm having issues with the screen backlight and disabling the discrete graphics card. For the backlight I tried with this guide installing the kext but I can't...
  10. weby78

    Screen backlight turns off after sleep

    I'm having an issue where my backlight wont turn on after the laptop goes to sleep. I have verified it still outputs display by using a flashlight and I can see the screen and interact with it. I've attached my error reporting to the bottom. Things I've tried: FixEDID with MacbookPro and...
  11. mxrk

    Keyboard backlight.

    How to enable keyboard backlight? I had an old config.plist where the keyboard backlight worked, but the graphics were poorly displayed there. I replaced the config.plist for new, but now I can’t set up the keyboard backlighting, I tried to use different methods but nothing works. I think this...
  12. themaz

    [solved] Black screen after updating config.plist

    hey, i am having a big issue after updating my config.plist. i basically get a black screen everytime i try to boot to mac os from clover. the black screen appears instantly after i press enter and doesn't go away. The worst part is that it stays black even when i have verbose enabled. What i...
  13. kevinkochatt

    Color Banding Issues after IntelBacklight.kext installation

    I don't know whats causing this but after installing the intel backlight, color banding seems to appear, nothing I do seems to fix it! I attached a plist.config, my patched SSDT-PNLF.aml I used for intel backlight, if anyone can look into the issue.
  14. Zyrel

    DSDT Backlight control

    Hello, i'm trying to patch my DSDT for Backlight control. I made my hackintosh following this guide: and with a few changes works also with my Gigabyte P57V6 (OSX 10.13.4). All works fine except...
  15. andreboyrock

    How To Turn On Keyboard Backlit Through Scroll Lock Led On macOS

    Was using my CoolerMaster Devastator II keyboard with backlit off until found this solution, called "SetLEDs for Mac OS X", developed by Damien Guard. Here are the steps you should take to have scroll led on for all users when they make login: Download the latest version binary on...
  16. Kuque

    Set build-in screen,but the screen is black and only see the mouse

    MB:Clevo P751TM Z370 CPU:i5-8400(UHD630 not found) Graphics card: GTX1070 with webdriver 1080P panel It's more like a desktop。 This laptop can only use NVIDIA graphics card, This problem occurs after I inject “1@Build-in”and“1@backlight-control”, when I start the laptop,the screen was...
  17. EverythingIsRed

    [help] Implementing AppleBacklightInjector

    As per this guide - It says GFX0 must be renamed to IGPU. I used the "Rename GFX0 to IGPU" patch in the RehabMan maciASL Laptop Patches repo. I applied it to all files containing "GFX0"...
  18. PopeJamal

    Brightness Control - EliteBook 8470P & AMD 7570M on Yosemite

    Hi! I'm looking for information on how to get the brightness controls working on my 8470P with AMD 7570M graphics. I've been trying to piece together info from these three repositories but haven't figured it out yet: * - This is the...
  19. kikiwora

    Lenovo ThinkPad E530 - macOS 10.13.3

    Hello there! My laptop won't wake up from sleep, if it was booted on battery (without AC cable attached) - making some noise after keypress, but no any sings of life (LED sleep indicator shows that it is in sleep mode, and I have fixed it, yes). When booted with AC cable attached, sleep works...
  20. jan4321

    Keyboard backlight control flashes

    I have updated my Latitude 3330 to High Sierra and almost everything is working correctly. It has working backlight control (using AppleBacklightInjector.kext). The problem is with the backlight control keys. Though they are working, the BIOS also responds to them. Upon a key press the BIOS set...