asus z87 pro

  1. kzdp

    Yosemite boot stuck at sound assertion in AppleHDADriver at line 1088

    First time seeking help here, Was working fine earlier, booted up with clover to find it got stuck at apple logo. Verbose mode shows the stuck at sound assertion. The build consists of asus z87-pro with i7-4770k, gtx 970 and 8+8gb vengeance ram.
  2. boubourse92

    ASUS Z87 pro kext Atheros wifi

    Hi all , I just finished to install el capitan :) All installation is ok , it just missed wifi atheros driver. Is there a generic wifi driver , i'm not sure about driver reference. I found reference driver for atheros, this is Qualcomm Atheros AR946x ...
  3. collinrk

    HELP! Qualcomm Atheros AR946x (aka WiFi Go!) on Asus Z87 Pro

    Hi everyone, First time builder, long time nerd. I just built and installed my dual-boot Hackintosh with Mavericks and Windows 8.1 and I can't seem to get my wifi (known as Wifi Go! -or- Qualcomm Atheros AR946x) recognized within my Network on Mavericks -- only an Ethernet cable can connect...
  4. ColonelPanicGold

    ASUS Z87 - Pro Hackintosh?

    I'm getting a new gaming rig next week, which I plan to dual boot with OSX, as i use OSX for work. I know this board seems new, but just wondering if there is a chance that this can support mountain lion. What do you think guys?