asus p6t

  1. beanerbeta2

    Asus p6t GTX 550 TI, can install but when i try to boot to os... black screen

    Alright guys, im new here so be easy on me. I have been struggling with trying to at least get my computer too boot into the OS. Its always been a 50/50 chance of even getting the stupid thing to boot into the installer, but I at least got it installed, however when I try to reboot and boot...
  2. ayacode

    Asus P6T + GTX 260 + Mountain Lion = Can't wake from sleep

    Asus + Mountain Lion = Can't wake from sleep Ok, I think I have everything working except for wake from sleep (which works on my SL install). I can put the computer to sleep, but when I bring it up from sleep using mouse, keyboard or power button, the following happens: Case/CPU fans spin...
  3. pechspilz


    ASUS P6T (non-SE, non-Deluxe, non WS Pro... just the plain old P6T) DSDT is from FleeBailey (just leave all other stuff, most of it is outdated by now): The Flee's OSX86 Page: Update The 6xxx cards require some special attention...