asking help

  1. RAULITO1997

    How to control the audio natively in my Hackintosh?

    Hi. I just installed mac OS High Sierra 10.13.15 on my Hp 8300 SFF version (i7_3770 - 16 Gb Ram - Nvidia GTX 1050 ti Lp - SSD 480 Gb) Use a Full HD monitor with included speakers, which I connect to the computer with HDMI. Install the Nvidia Grafica kexts, and more, everything works, the problem...
  2. SpyroGM

    My pc can run Mac O.S Sierra?

    Hey guys, Sorry if i made a mistake posting in the wrong way. A few days ago i saw some videos of hackintosh, but i don't know if my computer can run it well. I can run perfectly? Configs of my computer: GTX 1050 TI H81M-HG4 HD 1TB I5 4460 3.2 Ghz
  3. roy91l

    [HELP] is my pc compatible?

    hello, i am new in this forum, but i always wanted to build a hackintosh, but i was afraid of doing something wrong and thats why i want to ask if my hardware can run os x without a problem. this are my pc specs: Asrock G31M-VS2 mobo Intel core 2 duo e8400 3.00 ghz Patriot gaming series 4gb...