alienware m17x

  1. TheWeeknd

    OSX 10.11.3 install help Alienware M17x R2

    Hello everyone, I am trying to install OSX 10.11.3 on my Alienware M17x R2. I get a boot screen and it attempts to boot until about 75% then i get a circle with a dash through it. I have NV graphics drivers enabled, and booted with boot flag -x Any help with this would be great thank you...
  2. MrSweet1991

    Alienware M17X R4 - Successful install

    Hi to the small portion of Alienware m17x R4 users, Just wanted to say Yosemite installs fine on the Alienware M17X R4 but you must use "PCIRootUID=1 -v" once you do this and the initial OS X boot finishes the text will stop for around 3 minutes doing nothing and suddenly the OS X install...