1. poseykw16

    Fully Functional - Windows 10|High Sierra Dual Boot - 32GB Intel Optane

    Hardware: Windows 10 - Pro Edition 1 TB - HDD with 32GB Intel Optane Support Mac OS - High Sierra 120 GB - Kingsdian SDD (Operating System and highly used applications) 1 TB - HDD for Home Folder Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z270XP-SLI LGA1151 CPU: Intel i5 7600k GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Ti...
  2. simonuzzo

    []Do not have audio

    Hi, I build a custom Mac, but not have audio. My setup: i8700k msi z370 pro carbon msi gaming x 1080 32 gb di ram 3000 corsair ( 2*16gb) osx install on sata device --------------------------------------------- I followed the following guides...
  3. sfanicola

    P6T Asus El Capitan problems.

    Hi everyone, first off all thank you to Tonymacx86 for the great guides that really helped me. After following the installation guide to install El Capitan on my PC, and achieving the boot of the OS, I still have some problems that I tried to solve searching on this forum and around the web...
  4. Big

    Native AppleHDA.kext and an ALC1200 on an Asus P5Q Motherboard

    Hi guys, This post is edited because I've been stupid. But from this stupidity came a solution! Background: I replaced my Asus NVidia 210 with a brand new MSI GeForce GTX 750. Previously I booted Yosemite 10.10.05 (from Clover) with npci=0x2000, and Inject NVidia=Yes. I removed those...
  5. marcoplv95

    ASUS P5E3PRO: Problems with WiFi (D-Link DWL-G122), Audio (Realtek ALC1200) and Storage.

    Hello everyone, I have just installed my Yosemite using Unibeast v5.0.2 and MultiBeast v7.0.2, with this configuration: Motherboard: ASUS P5E3PRO (Specifications: (Integrated Sound Card: Realtek ALC1200) CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo...
  6. Xented

    ASUS P6TSE Successful Yosemite Build (No DSDT)

    This is my first guide so I apologize if the formatting or information is lacking. I am making this build because it is extremely difficult to find a solid body of knowledge of the Asus P6TSE with it's ALC1200 audio card. What you should know before starting: The installation guide...
  7. lordcoste

    [ML 10.8.1] sound of ALC1200 (Asus P6T) not fully working

    I can't get the audio of my Asus P6T (just p6t: no deluxe, se, etc) to fully work. I know that it use ALC1200 (don't know if I have to use 885, 887, 889 etc) I've tried several guide but I always have some problems: 1- Only OUT line is working, can't get my microphone to work. 2- When I insert...