acpi kernel panic

  1. thomasjonelove

    Acpi Error

    Hi, I try to install Mac OS Mojave’s on a laptop. It works I install multibeast driver, but when i reboot it not works. Someone can help me. I’ve already install Catalina on my desktop computer and it works. But this no how can I resolve this ?
  2. gbkbrant

    Major Issues Getting 10.13.5 Update To Recognize & Use GTX1070SC

    I have been working all night to try and get this build up and running to almost no avail. Currently I have a system that will only boot from an install USB and About This Mac says NVIDIA Chip Model 7MB. Z97x-UD5H Intel 4770k EVGA GTX-1070 SC Corsair CX600M Salmon 9900 32GB Corsair Vengence RAM...
  3. Devimac94

    Acer Aspire E15 (E5-573-30YH) ACPI Kernel Panic!!! PLEASE HELP.

    Hello, I'm new to the world of Hackintosh and Custo'mac, I wanted to install Mac OS Sierra a mounth ago in my laptop which is Acer Aspire E15 (E5-573-30YH), so I did all the steps from the guide of the installation of Mac OS Sierra from this site, and I did everything correctly... I guess, but...
  4. Quantum-UK

    Kernel Panic: Unable to find driver for this platform "ACPI"

    Hi Guys, Recently my hack has been KP'ing on the apple logo. El Capitan on my SSD and another El Capitan Backup HDD were working fine with no problems beforehand (for over a year). But now it seems both my drives boot with KP. Clover boot seems to work fine. Ive tried safebooting, Verbose...
  5. kirito7709

    Who can help me? Installation Error

    Who can help me? OS X El Capitan Installation Error Hi, I will install Mac OS X on my PC but i have this error... And This My Hardware : Intel i7 4790K Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 16GB Corsair Dominator Pro DDR3 2400Mhz MSI Gaming 5 Samsung EVO 250 240GB Windows 10 I hope u can help me to...