9600 gt

  1. vega

    Geforce 9600 GT only boots with nv_disable=1

    Hey guys Im using a gigabyte Geforce 9600 GT 512 MB i have successfully installed El Capitan using clover, the only problem is i cant boot properly i always have to use the nv_disable=1 bootflag, and when it does boot the graphics performance is very low and laggy. when i install the nvidia...
  2. nativestate

    10.9 install Dies after Apple Logo / Solid Unibeast 3.0.1 tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes, GraphicsEnabler

    10.9 install Dies after Apple Logo / EVGA x58, 9600 GT, Unibeast 3.0.1; tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes, GraphicsEnabler=No, etc. Maverick Lovers, OK, Got my 10.9 downloaded and Unibeast 3.0.1 / 10.9 USB drive ready to go! But where the 10.8.5 installer worked with no flags, I've tried -x...
  3. whiskeynipple0088

    Dual 9600GT- 10.8.2 - HELP

    HELP - Dual Graphics Cards -9600GT- 10.8.2 edit - I followed the aquamac method and the other variations of it on the web with no success (mind you that guide was started in 2008 - I have no idea if it still applies) I got the efi string for both cards via osx86tools; booting one card at a...