1. madvinegar

    *Budget Hp 8300 Elite CMT - i5-3570K (HD4000)- RX480 8GB - 16GB Ram

    madvinegar was notified by "conversation" (Private Message) to immediately edit his post to conform to the User Build Template. Thanks in advance! Replies to his post will be deleted until the...
  2. Sniki

    [Guide] HP Elite 8300 & 6300 Pro (all form factors) using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Special Note macOS Catalina is still in pubic beta so bugs are expected ! Please do not post issues that are related to the macOS pubic Beta about your X,Y,Z application crashing or not working. Introduction Welcome to my HP 8300 & 6300 (all form factors) macOS Catalina guide. The inspiration...
  3. Sniki

    [Guide] HP Elite 8300 & 6300 Pro (all form factors) using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Introduction Welcome to my HP 8300 & 6300 (all form factors) macOS Mojave guide. The inspiration to get one of these Desktops came from @trs96 and his great guides that he created for macOS High Sierra & macOS Sierra. I will be copying and pasting a lot of stuff from his guide and from...
  4. Sniki

    HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF Troubleshooting

    @RehabMan I have this HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF with i7 3770 CPU, 4GB Ram for now & Intel HD4000 IGPU with a 2.5" Kingston V300 120GB SSD. I have a few issues that i wanted to address: 1. CPU Power Management: I tried to build a CPU SSDT via the script but for some reasons it is causing issues...
  5. donwan2work

    HELP... HP 8300 BIOS Secure Boot Configuration

    Hi all, HP 8300 Elite SFF Updated Bios to v03.06 SECURITY -> SECURE BOOT CONFIGURATION -> Legacy Support I'm a newbie, can someone explain why there is any need to disable Legacy Support at all? Thanks
  6. greblos

    HP 6300/8300: upgrade UEFI firmware on existing system?

    Has anybody updated to HP UEFI firmware 3.06 on a HP 6300 or 8300 with an existing Mac OS install? My 8300 CMT has 2.99. I'm running High Sierra 10.13.4 (without the latest supplemental update) and using the Nvidia web driver for my GTX 1050 Ti. Everything else is set up per the Sierra/High...
  7. ajay1685

    Will my harware be compatible with El Capitan

    I have been out of touch with Hackintosh community for about 4 years, I thought it would be a good start by posting my hardware specs here to see if people have any suggestions on compatibility. OS: El Capitan System: HP Compaq Elitedesk 8300 Convertible Mini Tower Intel i5-3470 (intel...
  8. rollandr

    HP compaq elite 8300 small no audio on El capitan

    Hello all, I have success my installation on HP compaq elite 8300, everytings works, not the audio. I have test audio driver in multicast : alc269 alc888, alc887 alc1150 and voodoohda 2.8.6 But not working The original driver audio is alc221, but not display in multi breast el capitan. So...
  9. JayH

    No Audio - El Capitan Dell XPS 8300

    Hi, I'm new to everything Hackintosh and I'm having issues trying to get my audio to work. I've installed the way suggested by tonymac here for El Capitan, I'm up and running, but I'm not having much luck with Audio and a few other items. My system is: Dell XPS 8300 Core-i7 16GB 60gb SSD...