3d rendering

  1. e11productions

    Build For 3D Rendering

    i have built two hacks over the last three years and both are running fine, however I need the most power possible for 3D animation and rendering. I don’t know much about the specs, other than to max out ram, so with that being said, what should I look for to ensure the fastest render time...
  2. jimmyburan

    High End Professional 3D Graphics Recommendations

    I'm new to building my own machine and can't wait any longer for the new Mac Pro to be released. I need to a machine that can handle 3D graphics (Maya dn C4D) as well as After Effects, Premiere etc often simultaneously. I'm trying to build: dual CPU (i7 770K) / 64-128GB RAM / Nvidia K5000 GPU...
  3. nico412

    Updating from 2012 Slugnet's video editor

    Hi everyone, It's already been 4 years since I went with this build, it has served me well. I want to upgrade it to 2016 standards. I need more video editing power especially to handle 4k raw footage, and am starting to do a lot of 3d rendering in cinema 4d. My current set up is: Gigabyte...
  4. EIVFilms

    First Hackintosh Build - Video Editing and 3D Work

    Hello! I will be starting my first hackintosh build in the next couple months, and have been spending some time doing research into potential build options. I'm building this machine primarily for video editing (Premiere and After Effects) and 3D modeling and rendering (Blender and Maya). Most...