1. heartspoiler

    MSI GE70 2PE " Apache Pro"

    hello, I'm looking for help to operate the sound and wifi with my laptop. I do not know how to patch my dsdt for ALC892 and wifi "AzureWare AW-CE123H BCM4352." If someone with the same configuration could help me .... Thank you in advance.
  2. mentosmenno2

    MSI GP60 2PE Leopard El Capitan kexts pack

    After hours of trial and error i finally managed to install El Capitan on my MSI GP60 2PE Leopard laptop. To make life easier, i wanted to share the kexts i used to get this done. There is a description in each folder for each kext you need to install. Please follow those instructions, because...
  3. hitmanpt

    HDMI and HDMI Audio on MSI G70 2PE

    After a little fight I was able to get Intel HD4600m (For laptop) working and I disabled the NVidia drivers (at least I think I did) When I connect an HDMI cable the screen goes black and soon after the computer shuts down So no HDMI and I can't be sure that HDMI audio is not working...
  4. hitmanpt

    Install El Capitan on MSI GE70 2PE

    I need a couple things to finish the configuration but I will tell how to install the drivers needed to get this laptop partially working. I'll ask for anyone that can help to make everything else work. I latter will post the IORegistryExplorer and post the information that I found in Windows...