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  • Supports Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Cannon Lake and Ice Lake generations
  • Create All, Connectors or VRAM patches
  • Detect Changes for auto patch creation
  • Create Clover patches in hex, base64 or Devices/Properties formats
  • Displays native GPU and Model identifiers
  • Display and edit Memory Info such as Stolen, Framebuffer, VRAM, Cursor etc.
  • Roll over some items for additional info (Tooltips)
  • Reads "live" data directly from Framebuffer kexts (if available; see Mojave note below)
  • File->Open framebuffer file generated by WhateverGreen's -igfxdump boot flag
  • File->Export->Clover config.plist / File->Export->Framebuffer.txt file
  • Patch audio layout id
  • Add USB port limit patch
  • Plug and unplug USB2 / USB3 devices and set port connector types then generate a USBPorts.kext
  • Advanced patching options (DVMT pre-alloc 32 MB, VRAM 2048 MB, Disable eGPU, Enable HDMI20 (4K), DP -> HDMI, GfxYTile Fix, Reboot Fix, USB port Limit, Spoof Audio Device Id, FB Port Limit, Spoof Gfx Device Id)

Credits & Contributions​

  • vit9696 for WhateverGreen (full credits), Lilu (full credits), AppleALC (full credits), USBPorts.kext and additional help
  • vit9696 for with additional work by bcc9, Piker-Alpha and joevt
  • daliansky for Intel Core Platform ID and SMBIOS Quick Reference
  • Clover Development Team for various technical info
  • vandroiy2013 for audio id data from AppleALC
  • RehabMan for all data patching method, ioreg framebuffer dump and other contributions
  • EDID injection (Andy Vandijck / Marchrius)
  • USB power injection (corpnewt)
  • HDA controllers / codec lists by the VoodooHDA project
  • System Configs compilation (CaseySJ)
  • Clover downloader (Kozlek / JrCs / slice)
  • Kext compiler & installer (Sascha Lamprecht / Gengik84 / LAbyOne)
  • Atheros & SATA kexts (Sascha Lamprecht)
  • DPCIManager (phpdev32 / MuntashirAkon)
  • AppleIntelInfo (Pike R. Alpha)
  • gfxutil (mcmatrix)
  • VDADecoderChecker (Andy Breuhan)
  • iMessageDebug (ElNono / mdmwii / flux84 / sugarface / pokenguyen)
  • macserial (vit9696 / MacInfoPkg team)
  • Model data (
  • Translations: French (Matgen84), German (al6042), Korean (zisqo), Russian / Ukrainian (ctich), Chinese (daliansky, Bat.bat, penghubingzhou)
  • Sparkle framework by Andy Matuschak
  • Icon & UI updates by ultratiem