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    No wifi, no sound

    So I just did a clean install of os x sl I have the atheros card installed followed the guide to the T. It registered that the card is there but doesn't pick up any networks. Could it be that I'm running F.20 bios?
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    Wifi problem with SL on 4530s

    So I did the full hack on my 4530s to SL. It was running great for a while no major issues minor glitches here and there nothing I wasn't able to fix. But lately I have been noticing the range isn't great on my wifi card. To the point now where if I am just one room of the router it doesn't pick...
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    Realtek Wifi card and Pro Installer

    So I was able to answer my own question I guess I missed the thread but for anyone who is dumb like me lol here you go. viewtopic.php?f=259&t=56427&start=0
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    Realtek Wifi card and Pro Installer

    hello this is my frist, all with my first hackintosh.. so just trying to dot my i's and cross my t's before i get started. one post i read said that the Atheros Wifi Card was the only card full supported, yet in the link under the FAQ, if i understand correctly the Pro book Installer takes care...