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    os x sierra post install help

    Sorry I can't help if you are using non-standard ways to install macOS. You should have no need to go into the private area of your disk. Your hardware should accept a standard Sierra installation. Yes, I use r5102 of Clover to boot all OSs versions, El Capitan to Catalina. Good luck :thumbup:
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    Announcement: AMD Ryzen Based Systems and tonymacx86

    Hey guys, remember there is a separate thread for the Apple-ARM-Nvidia discussion: Thanks. :)
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    Desperated with Sierra restarting suddenly during sleep or when waking

    Hi there. Some points about your EFI setup: 1) You have two memory drivers installed. There should only be one - Which one you need is something you will need to test yourself. Make sure you have a UniBeast installer USB drive so you can boot again if you choose the wrong one. 2) You have...
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    os x sierra post install help

    Hi there. I feel that your experiments are too extreme. The right-hand column setup is one that is unlikely to boot, and the DSDTs you have in the left-hand setup are very advanced mods. I can only guess they are from someone else's Asrock Z170 Pro motherboard? Otherwise what do they do? The...
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    Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming build with working NVRAM

    Very true. I often wonder about why though. In this case might it be because of the 2011 iMac system config? Mojave wasn't officially supported on that early a model (only Mac Pro?). My own build has a serial-number that doesn't match the system-definition, my bad but I have reasons to do with...
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    Hackintosh for Davinci Resolve 16

    Hi there and welcome. Head on over to the Golden Builds forum where you will find plenty of PC configurations suitable for your purpose. Once you have chosen your basic PC framework we can help you hone that. :thumbup:
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    What is the impact on Apple if NVIDIA were to buy ARM?

    If Mac moves over to ARM mainstream is it even possible that BootCamp could survive unless Microsoft brings out an ARM version of Windows? Even then, would it be easily compatible with Apple Silicon? BootCamp didn't exist for PowerPC and all we had was VirtualPC (a hypervisor) as a way to run...
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    Problem creating USB from UniBeast

    Hi there. Sadly you will always need a password to format a USB stick or run an installer. If your privileges do allow you to run Disk Util and Terminal, try the beta guide but change the name of the macOS installer file to match yours...
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    What's wrong with this "new" $498 Amazon Gaming PC ?

    It's probably that picture of the case with it's illuminated fans that fools the unwary. Looks very modern and up-to-date when the reality is something completely different.
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    How to enable InjectEDID by default?

    Please do not duplicate post. Thank you.
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    os x sierra post install help

    Okay. Good luck :thumbup: Just a couple of points: 1) Clover injects any kexts it finds in the EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other directory into macOS. Either using a UniBeast installer or the main drive. This bypasses the macOS method of loading and caching the kexts. 2) Nothing should be put in S/L/E...
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    os x sierra post install help

    As I said above, just install with MultiBeast. Hackintool is a great piece of software but as you can see, that data is confusing for a beginner. What it is doing is rebuilding the kext-cache. This is something we do after deleting a kext to remove all traces of it. I do not know what is...
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    os x sierra post install help

    Thank you :thumbup: You can get the latest version of IntelMausiEthernet from MultiBeast, but if that does not install then try:
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    os x sierra post install help

    Okay, you still need to update your Profile, not your signature. IntelMausiEthernet.kext will install. Any date expiry problem is more likely related to the Sierra installer itself. Check you have the latest version. :)
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    Updating El Capitan -> Catalina with RX570

    Glad things are moving along at last. :thumbup: No real need to install the Security Updates (2020-004 etc) unless you want to. There are reasons what they won't fully install and I don't want to bore you with them here - unless you ask. The Prebooter options can be hidden using the...