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    Hackintosh Pro Build with GA-Z77X-UP5-TH mother board (For Pro Audio)

    I am using the up4 th board that is almost identical to your choice minus a few bells and whistles . And I use my machine to record and master audio everyday. I have the 3750 k i5 , geforce gtx 670 2GB ,16 GB corsair dominator 1866, 750 PC power and cooling PSU, several hard drives totaling 6...
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    Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X

    Confirmed Pro Audio Interfaces & Drivers - Mac OS X Lexicon alpha usb works 100% . System specs are gigabyte z77 up4 , i5 3570k, 16 gigs 1866 corsaIr vengence, hd4000 graphics on thunderbolt port, 128 mushkn ssd, 2-2 terabyte wd black, os x mountain lion 10.8.2....... did session today with...
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    z77x up4th, i5 3570k, 16 gigs ddr3 1866 ,HD4000 (success)......

    Just got this build up and running with mountain lion and it is fully functional across the board. Running logic Pro latest version and its amazing. I used install guide for z77x up5 th and all seems well. I had a nvidia 440 1 gddr 5 pcie card and install went fne. But afterwrds i could not get...
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    [GUIDE] Supermicro 8-Core Dual Xeon Build

    I don't know if sleeper pro got LAN working, but i was not able too. I am using a realtek wireless adapter with old Linux kext. Have to input security phrase every time but it works. No problems with anything else though. This thing rocks...... :headbang:
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    [GUIDE] Supermicro 8-Core Dual Xeon Build

    Thk you for the time and effort you put into this build and for posting this guide. It was so helpful. This is the best and definitely the most powerful x86 build I have ever done.
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    Dual Socket Motherboard Suggestions

    I got the supermicro X8dah-0 and this board is nothing short of awesome I have this hackintosh running very smoothly. ... 6813182176 MB- Supermicro X8dah-0 CPU- 2x Xeon 5520 Ram- 12 GB ddr ecc Graphics-EVGA GTS 450 Fermi PS- PC Power&Cooling 910...