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    [Guide] Acer Aspire 35-575-33bm Sierra

    Was there any other text on screen before this?
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    Inject EDID via Clover, with two monitors?

    Bump. I need the answer to this as well.
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    [Guide] Acer Aspire 35-575-33bm Sierra

    Did you replace the Wi-Fi card? This laptop requires you to use the EXACT card listed. The one that it comes with DOES NOT work. You're looking for a BCM94352Z. I found one on ebay for around $30, or Newegg sells them for $49. It's an easy thing to replace, just takes a screwdriver and some...
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    [Guide] Acer Aspire 35-575-33bm Sierra

    I really don't have the time to put one of those together, with how involved this whole thing is. I also really don't want to redo the whole process just for a video. I've tried my best to be as clear as possible in the guide. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    [Help] White Line after Lock

    Acer Aspire 35-575-33bm i3-7100 Intel HD 620 1920x1080x24 MacOS High Sierra (with HFS+) I've not been able to fix this problem yet, and it seems nobody else even has it to begin with (much searching has turned up empty). In a nutshell, my graphics work fine; Intel HD 620 is working with...
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    [Guide] Acer Aspire 35-575-33bm Sierra

    I pulled my hair out for weeks getting this thing working, primarily because I couldn't find a single piece of existing support for this laptop. This perplexed me, considering the price for the specs and battery life. So, I figured I'd go ahead and make this post to help out anyone else trying...