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    Tp-link tl-wn821n

    I just got a TL-WN821N v4.2, and though it still seems to be an 8192cu, my Mac Mini doesn't like that driver (testing to put in an iMac that doesn't like its airport card). It looks like all those drivers (at least now) are the same, by the way.
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    New Gigabyte Z68 UEFI BIOS Betas Released!

    I was thinking the Z68P version 1.0 wasn't going to get an update, but it looks like it's a work in progress.
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    New Gigabyte Z68 UEFI BIOS Betas Released!

    Looks like the GA-Z68P-DS3 isn't getting an update; I wonder if it's a logic limitation or flash size? The 2.0 and 2.1 have downloads, but they're over 2mb, whereas the previous BIOS is only 1.7MB.
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    Help For A Beast Configuration!

    I haven't had any problems with the LG H20L Drives, but I haven't tried any newer writers yet, as the H20L has run strong through 3 motherboards, 2 video cards, and 3 different processors.
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    New Intel Xeon E5 Series

    I have a hard time with that, as well, but a Mac Mini with a solid state drive makes an unusually effective server.
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    New Intel Xeon E5 Series

    They've held out so long on building a new MacPro, I wouldn't be surprised if the workstation disappears entirely in leu of the robust i7 iMacs, despite the advantages of the full size system. Seems like there's more interest in harnessing the virtual processors rather than the additional real...
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    apple keyboard and mouse needed?

    With the problems I've had with the Mighty Mouse's scroll ball, and then the battery life problems with the Magic Mouse, I've found myself preferring to use a reliable Intellimouse with a MacPro at work, and a $20 Logitech laser mouse at home. The Apple mice look and work quite well--while they...
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    MAC Pro Build SSD

    I second the assessment, but for other reasons, as well. mSATA is not only not as fast as a fully qualified SSD, but it is also difficult to work with, physically. Removing the card can be quite troublesome, and if you intend to run additional operating systems (specifically windows operating...
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    Light Gamer. Looking for a Quiet $100 Range Video Card

    This exact card, though you'll probably have to purchase it somewhere else, as it's deactivated/end of life as a selling product. ... 6814102873 Netkas found it to be nearly identical to the actual Apple branded 5770 on the Apple Store, aside from the...
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    Light Gamer. Looking for a Quiet $100 Range Video Card

    My Sapphire HD5770 has not only been a lot quieter than my previous EVGA 9800gt, it is also hack friendly, hack friendly, and did I mention hack friendly? I had to do NOTHING to get it to play well with Snow Leopard vanilla or Lion vanilla. It even runs in a Mac Pro, with or without flashing. I...
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    nVidia Quadro 4000 PC or Mac version?

    Is the EEPROM large enough to use the Mac BIOS?