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    OS X OpenGL 4.1 Broken on NVidia for Almost 2 Years

    Nvidia Draft In Xcode create a new Cocoa app Create a new NSOpenGLView subclass called GLView Paste the implementation below into GLView.m Uncheck One shot memory for the window in MainMenu.xib Add an NSOpenGLView to the window Change the subclass to GLView. #import <OpenGL/gl3.h>...
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    OS X OpenGL 4.1 Broken on NVidia for Almost 2 Years

    NVidia is normally a go-to choice for hackintoshing since it basically requires no configuration, unlike AMD and Intel with their various framebuffers. But what about the driver architecture that goes into the kexts we rely on, are the more complicated AMD/Intel ones better somehow...
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    Alternative to IORegistryExplorer: IOJones

    IOJones has been rewritten for modernization of the code and Yosemite, and has been pushed to the repository. It also fixes an emerging issue where newer builds don't publish their ACPI Tables to the IORegistry (or more precisely don't reveal them to IOJones/IORegistryExplorer), which makes it...
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    Handoff (Bluetooth Low Energy) Tester

    "State" applies to the Manager one line above, not to the chip itself. If the chip is off, the tester won't find it at all. If it's on, the output says "turned on", if your chip doesn't support lowEnergy, the Manager's state will be Unknown, Unsupported, Power Off, etc. The output of the tester...
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    Handoff (Bluetooth Low Energy) Tester

    Your screenshot says the power is off, and the chipset is Unknown. Since this tool reads from the same information, and stops if there is no current controller (chipset), this is the normal response. Turn it on and try again, if you want to test it The whole point of this thread is that that's...
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    Handoff (Bluetooth Low Energy) Tester

    Possible Bluetooth Low Energy Tester On my machine, with a BT4.0 device (which I think supports BLE): Built Jul 28 2014 Found (0xA5C21E8) named '<machineName>', turned on, ready HCI 0x6:0x1000, LMP 0x6:0x220e, MAC <macAddress> Low Energy supported, Power Change supported Using Central...
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    Handoff (Bluetooth Low Energy) Tester

    This is a quick command line tool which I think tests correctly for Handoff (Bluetooth Low Energy) support. So far I've only seen posts referring to the LMP version, which is unhelpful; the Link Manager Protocol version corresponds directly to the Bluetooth marketing version, and even then each...
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    Patcho, a simple hex binary patcher

    If you check the memory addresses of argv, this really isn't an issue, and you can confirm that by running it yourself. If you're really concerned, you could allocate another array on the stack, using it throughout, and remapping argv into it in the manually-entered case. Otherwise I wouldn't...
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    AzureWave NB037H (WiFi+BT Combo) with Kext

    This kext does almost nothing for the WiFi chip, it just injects the device ID so the native kext picks it up. All of the binary code is dedicated to the Bluetooth chip. The AR5B22, which apparently is the AR9462, isn't supported, I think. I covered this literally two posts ago, #29
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    Apple Intel AMD/ATI Framebuffers

    It's just a PHP script, and since I've already posted the output inline above, there's no need to run it again, unless you're interested in the internals. The source code is posted in the spirit of sharing, not because end-users need to run it themselves. In Terminal: php <file>
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    Native DSDT/AML IDE & Compiler: MaciASL Open Beta

    Since the patch does not apply to MaciASL, it has been moved to Please keep this thread on-topic, that includes issues which only affect MaciASL as-shipped. The...
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    Gatebreak: Signed Kexts for Everyone

    No, I never said that, nor did i "confirm" it. My question above points out the problem. I'm getting the distinct feeling you never read the Code Requirements article, because there are at least two points they make: first, that "anchor trusted" doesn't mean what you think it does, and second...
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    AzureWave NB037H (WiFi+BT Combo) with Kext

    If compiling for Mavericks, click the yellow triangle (yield) symbol at the top, then the issue titled Validate Project Settings, on the left with the xcodeproj (blue) icon. Follow the prompts to update the project settings, then Archive again.
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    DPCIManager 1.5 Open Beta

    I should have pointed out some time ago that 10.9.3 fixed this issue, and it doesn't look like it will recur. DPCIManager's behavior is now the same as it was before.
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    AzureWave NB037H (WiFi+BT Combo) with Kext

    There's really no need to quote my entire post, it just wastes space. Download Xcode from the Mac App Store, then open the xcodeproj file (previously a folder) in Xcode. Choose Product > Archive, then Distribute in the window which eventually opens. Follow the prompts to generate either an...