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    Boot Problems

    Good evening all, Working on my second Hackintosh, 1st was a successful Yoesmite Dell Tower, however I managed to get a hold of a old HP Elitebook 8460p and managed to get a copy of High Sierra working on it, whilst booting from the USB. However it doesnt seem to want to play without the USB...
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    Suitable Graphics Card for Yosemite Build

    Good day all, I have been fumbling around for a few months with my 1st successful hackintosh, and am now searching for a graphics card upgrade. My first two attempts at upgrading graphics card have failed miserably (1st Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 – not compatible for Yosemite, 2nd - GeForce...
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    Dell Precision T7400

    I did not. However I switched gears and opted to use an old optiplex machine. The t7400 is currently being used as a video server/paperweight.
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    HRAC Intel Ethernet Kext

    Greetings once again. Making steady progress with my build. I have been having much success, however as I am nearing conclusion I have one issue... Internet. I had everything working prior to installing BOOTLOADER (including internet, in fact that work after installation) however after...
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    Multibeast Assistance

    Good morning all, I am very happy to report that I have finally managed to get a working version of OS Yosemite working on my Dell Optiplex 790. Very easy setup, everything seems to be in good order, (web, audio and video). My only snafu is booting up straight to OSX. I have enjoyed your...
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    Dell Precision T7400

    Greetings All!! Squeaky clean newbie to this hackintosh lark. And landed myself in it up to my ears. So I too have acquired at T7400 and am trying to install OSX. Its been a while since you posted this, but do you still have access to these "files" and where is this "Extra Folder" you speak...