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    [Success] Radeon RX 6800 XT - Big Sur

    I'm planning to build a i9 10850k with a 6800XT taichi in a Asus prime z490-a I have everything I just need to buy the video card probably tomorrow. I work with different software of edition and I have a job this year transcoding a lot of raw footage from gopro i think is 4k and codec is h264 ...
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    [Success] Radeon RX 6800 XT - Big Sur

    hello guys any of you test a transcoding to proress lt in davinci resolve or any kind of test doing transcoding? with 6800xt or 6900xt ? i will buy this card soon.
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    ASrock RX 6800 XT taichi gaming 16gb in compatibility, last big sur? advice plz just 3 in stock

    Any have idea if this gpu works? or should be compatible?. In my country there is no other GPU just RTXnvidia for miners lmao. GPU "ASrock RX 6800 XT taichi gaming 16gb" this one have a port usb C if help for something . this is the last piece of my config i have everthing in boxes in my room ...