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    [SUCCESS] Z170X-UD5 TH, i7-6700K, AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100, 64GB DDR4

    Great build! I'm planning a very similar build (Sierra on Z170X-UD5 TH, i7-6700K, Asus GTX750TI-2GD5). Following STEP BY STEP THUNDERBOLT 3 SETUP in tonymacx86's Skylake Thunderbolt 3 Test Build it seems to work (no hotswap) without any modification in Sierra. I have received the Startech...
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    Recovery HD partition with El Capitan

    Works great, thanks for posting! :clap:
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    Build for logic with echo layla 3g Pci/pci-x card

    you are correct.
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    Build for logic with echo layla 3g Pci/pci-x card

    In fact, there are drivers from echo which do work on recent Macs: However, it's still useless, as recent Intel Macs do not support PCI, there's no way to get the PCi Echo to run on a recent Intel Mac/Hack. I got two i7 3770 firewire builds...
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    GA-Z77-DS3H, i7-3770K using HD4000 with full QE/CI, SLEEP, SOUND and ETHERNET

    Thanks for sharing, it's working for me on GA-Z77-DS3H/3770K. Just to add: - it seems to work only with a single monitor connected (as already mentioned in some comments). To get both DVI and HDMI running, this worked for me: 1. Follow the guide with only one monitor connected...