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    [GUIDE] Injection of AMD Vega Power and Fan Control Properties

    Hi, I've tested the automated method here, with a Vega 56 (MSI Air Boost 8GB) and a 4770 + B85m-D3H on High Sierra. Lilu and Whatevergreen previously installed (S/L/E with kext-utility). I've just set idle RPM to 400 with VGATab and disabled the option (for OC) as recommended by the script. It...
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    Guide: X79 OS X Controlled SpeedStep (CPU Power Management)

    Much thanks for your write-up guy, Since 3 years I've never quite got this right, but now I've SpeedStep + TurboBoost at per-core-level. My electricity bills is gonna shrink a bit :) from ~80w CPU package (stuck @3.2) I'm now at 30w in Idle mode :) I must admin I had to retry periodically (every...
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    No Display/USB after wake on 10.11

    Hello, Just upgraded from Yos to Capitan latest 10.11.5. I have a P9X79 with 3930K (no iGPU) and a R9 280x. Besides the Asmedia USB3 controller, wake/sleep won't work. Everything was working fine in Yos. I think I have to rollback to Yos, I rely a lot on sleep for power saving, maybe Big Sur...
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    Safari weird graphical glitches on certain images only

    Hello, I changed from a GTX 570 to a 970 recently. Two bugs rose : first one, safari shows a blank page when hitting the back button after going to a google search site result. Fixed by disabling "Instant Search in Google search parameters". Other bug, a lot of sites shows random...
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    nVidia 580GTX + Yosemite problem

    Still have the issue here : GTX 570 + 10.10.3 --- Also fermi freeze came back since Yosemite upgrade (disappeared in 10.9) FCPX often crashes.
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    NVIDIA CUDA 6.0 Driver Update For OS X 10.9.4 Mavericks

    Same issue here, Had jerky GUI problem before, too (safari responding weirdly, scroll very slow on opera etc) Removed CUDA seems to solve the problem, but GUI feels a bit less responsive than 19.9.3 yet, but not sure if it's CUDA related...
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    Integrated and Discrete Graphics, Working Together

    Hello, Finally I'm not pursuing this because of some software incompatibility with that sort of hybrid setup. I use a VJ software called "VDMX" and whatever I do it will use ONE gpu at a time, and of course the less powerful one (intel HD) by default. They advise not to use mixed GPU...
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    Integrated and Discrete Graphics, Working Together

    I did. And like I said, I could boot without the discrete GPU, that infinite spinning wheel shows up with both GPU only, with iGFX on BIOS init and GE=No (with GE = Yes : nvidia Rom patching failed...). Thanks
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    Integrated and Discrete Graphics, Working Together

    Hello, First of all thanks for all your effort to guide us ;) Though I struggle to get this working. On a GA-B85m-D3H with a HD 4600 IGP and a GTX 460/570 (tested both), two displays connected on each GPU output, this is the symptoms : • With IGFX on init and GE = Yes I get a "nvidia rom...
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    Performances issues with a 3930k

    Some benches that sum up everything, total time to render the same after effect project, multi processing disabled. Fresh installs for OSes (I swap boot drives in both setup for consistency) 4770 / OS X : 6m20 4770 / WIN : 5m58 (+6% over OS X) 3930k / OS X : 19m3 3930k / WIN : 14m57
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    Performances issues with a 3930k

    Hello all, first of all, thanks to tonymac and its community. I'm a happy owner of three great hackintoshes (server, workstation, render cow) thanks to your help. :) My first post is about a performance issues. (geekbench 32, single / multi-core score) Let me explain : on a 4770 based...
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    Sandy Bridge-E X79 Power Management (C1E) Working

    Hello, i don't understand exactly your experience. As far as i know hwmonitor only runs on windows, i guess ? I use smcmonitor to confirm my over clock, it is realtime for showing cpu cores diode, freq, gpu temp... And at the moment i can't confirm that OS X ignore those power management goodies...
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    i7 3930K LGA 2011 Processor

    Hi polobear, Sorry for the off topic. What is your mobo? I can't get my p9x79 to get past 32 stock multiplier without forcing turbo boost activation. (enabled and greyed out automatically when going above >32...) Thanks.
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    Does Intel's New X79 Support Lion? [SOCKET 2011]

    Re: If intel new X79 support lion? Hello all, posting from a brand new 3930k/P9X79/GTX570 trio. Everythings works like a charm except : - SPDIF - Speedstep and turboboost - 30 fps at cinebench versus two times more in windows - Can't find a way to change my cpu multiplier into a fixed mode...
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    i7 3930K LGA 2011 Processor

    Hello all ! First post to thanks your community. Just made a reverse switch from an Apple bi-quad. P9X79/3930k combo working fine on OS X. Everything works farer than expected even eSata hot plug, firewire, temp and freq monitoring... ! Can't believe it. Now the caveats. SPDIF spit strange...