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    clover theme change - stuck screen

    ok i ended up getting it to sorta work. i had to test out my main and backup drive. but with both hooked up instead of going to the clover screen it goes to the "hit key and select drive screen". so the only way i can access each drive now is to select each individual uefi. my backup has the...
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    clover theme change - stuck screen

    HELP! i updated clover to prepare an update from sierra to high sierra. i changed the clover theme from the panel. i restarted and it now only boots to my gigabyte screen. i can't click on anything. also i see there is an A2 error(Detect and install all currently connected IDE devices). any...
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    can't log into icloud

    i can't log into iCloud. my iMessage/App Store/iTunes are working fine. any idea on how to fix this? thanks
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    iMessage: fresh install

    i did a fresh install of el capitan but haven't signed into iMessage yet to avoid the customer code alert. is there a way to check if it's good to go? or should i just follow these steps? thanks!
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    apple cinema display 2010

    if i get an apple cinema display from mid 2010 will the camera, usb, 2560x1440 resolution, bios setting screen, and windows work?
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    Clover HDMI audio for NVIDIA & AMD cards. Easy way.

    thank you! this worked for my gtx 770. so easy.
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    Clover and MultiBeast - GA-Z87X-UD5H - Yosemite - Guide

    how did you install ALC898 after clover? with multibeast? if so, what settings?
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    starting over

    hello, i have a few issues with my current install so i want to start over completely and use clover instead of chimera. how can i start over fresh as if i just put my computer together? thanks
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    [PERFECT SUCCESS] robertwigfield's Build: GA-Z87X-UD5H - i7-4770K - GTX760

    i have the same build minus the firewire. so your hdmi audio works? did you have any problems with iMessage, iTunes or the app store? thanks
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    [ SUCCESS ] GA-Z97X-UD5H / i7 4790K / 32GB / GTX 770 4GB / 10.9.4

    hi i have similar parts(same MB, 770 2GB, i7 4790K) so your hdmi audio works right? and you have it hooked up to your graphics card? thanks
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    post-build but no display

    hi, this is my first hackintosh. i used the recommended parts from the customac pro list and i am using a GA-Z87X-UD5H MB. so i plug in the mouse, keyboard, and my tv using an HDMI cable since i currently don't have a monitor. but nothing displays. i checked to make sure the back panel was...