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    Can I boot Windows without Mac SSD?

    I have ML installed on SSD and Windows 7 on separate HHD. Can I boot Windows without ML drive? So far I'm getting "Missing operating system". I did install more than a year ago and forgot all the stuff :(
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    What music...

    I think you got it from my nickname...
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    Resizing partitions, please help with advice

    Hi all, I have 2tb HDD with 200gb windows 7 and the rest is one partition where I have OS X home folder (system is on another drive). I want to resize partitions to 1tb/1tb. Reinstalling windows is not a problem, also I can create back-up of home partition. Please advice the best way to resize...
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    First Hackintosh, need approval and GPU advice.

    Francesco96, thanks for your reply. 1. I hope that guy on the forum was telling the truth :) 2. I already have Crucial, but I will take a look at Samsung 830 when I will need one more. Also I just read about file systems that supports by both Mac and Windows and found extFAT, anyone use it? 3...
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    First Hackintosh, need approval and GPU advice.

    Disclaimer: I live in Ukraine so I'm sorry for my bad English, thanks! After I totally failed make hackintosh from my old pc running gigabyte g31, core2duo and hd 3650 I decided to buy a new computer to install ML and W8. Almost all parts I pick by the recommendations in "Buyer's Guide 2012"...
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    Install OS X Mountain Lion & Windows 7 on this hardware?

    Hello! 1. Can I install Mountaion Lion on this hardware? Gigabyte G31MF-S2 Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2 x DDR2 2Gb ATI Radeon HD 3650 2. I have now 320Gb hdd running Windows 7 and new Crucial M4 128Gb on which I want to install Mac OS X. Please, give me advice about installation to have both OSs...