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    USB (or) Power Problems?

    Hi, thanks to all the community I have a perfectly CustoMac (i7 3770, Z77DS3H, GTX650, ML 10.8.5) runing for about 2 years now, and it runs so well that I nearly forget that it isn't a ''real'' Mac. Although, since last month, I experience some issues and I would like to know if they are...
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    Cinema HD Display 30inch on GTX650

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    Cinema HD Display 30inch on GTX650

    Hi, a friend of mine sells his Apple Cinema HD Display 30inch and it has a dual-link DVI connector. Can i use it straight forward without changing anything at my configuration, or i have to make tweaks to make it work? Will it be recognized as a regular display? Sorry for the dumb question but i...
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    Triple Montor Setup With GTX650

    Hi, can anyone confirm if connecting 3 monitors on the MSI GTX 650 oc is possible? I know that there are similar threads but (unless i miss something) there isn't a clear answer related exactly to my configuration. I have 2x 1680*1050 LCD displays connected via DVI and HDMI to DVI cable. I...
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    [AGAIN] Black Screen After Wake (GTX650/Z77DS3H)

    I forgot to mention that Sleep/Wake works perfectly with the HD4000 so it is a GPU problem
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    [AGAIN] Black Screen After Wake (GTX650/Z77DS3H)

    Hi, After a long period of a perfect and stable customac, accidentally removed the bios battery and a CMOS reset occurred. Anyway, i made again all the right bios settings and a clean 10.8.2 install (to be updated later). I was pretty sure that everything was perfect as before, but now...
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    Ultra-High-End Audio Interface (except PTHD)

    Thanks a lot for your response, happy to hear that you use Apogee converters. Actually, after a lot of research i find Apogee's new Symphony i/o quite attractive and has some benefits that i cannot ignore like the modular design and sophisticated expandability. Today the scene of my interface...
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    DAW Controllers

    (just for the record) HUI is supported in PT11, I use the M-Audio Project mix i/o for PT 11.0.2 with zero issues.
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    Ultra-High-End Audio Interface (except PTHD)

    Hi, i use my Customac exclusively for Pro Tools (v10.3.7&v11.0.2). In the near future i am going to buy a 'high-end' audio interface The goal for me is to make the best possible recordings. I am a producer and composer and i will use my studio only for recording not for mixing and mastering. I...
  10. TI Firewire 400 Card

    TI Firewire 400 Card

  11. Motherboard (GA-Z77-DS3H rev 1.1)

    Motherboard (GA-Z77-DS3H rev 1.1)

  12. Processor (i7 3770 @3,4 GHz)

    Processor (i7 3770 @3,4 GHz)

  13. MSI GTX650

    MSI GTX650

  14. Corsair Vengeance 16GB

    Corsair Vengeance 16GB

  15. Corsair TX850

    Corsair TX850