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    Dell display on iMac stand

    Great idea! Well done, I think I'll be doing mine ( Dell 24" ultra IPS )very soon.... well as fast as the stuff gets delivered. ^.^ Perhaps even mod the color of the monitor to match the Apple screens. Thanks for sharing so a great idea.
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    Black/White G4 Haswell Workstation

    Absolutely beautiful! You should be very proud! I love your color choices also.
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    Post a Screenshot of Your iPhone Home Screen

    Here's mine.
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    Updated 2013-08-16: MacMan's Haswell Test Build: Core i7-4770K + GA-Z87X-UD5H

    MacMan's Haswell Test Build: Core i7-4770K + GA-Z87X-UD3H Possibly and upgrade for the Mac pro line finally?
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    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    Her's mine though this was over my wifi on my MacBook Pro 13"
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    [Updated] Stork's Thunderbolt Build: i5-3570K | GA-Z77X-UP5-TH | GTX 760

    [Updated] Stork's Thunderbolt Build: i5-3570K | GA-Z77X-UP5-TH | GTX 650 Ti | Mountain Lion Check to see if in your bios in the settings for your HD4000 there is a setting for dual monitors... my MSI board has this feature.
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    New G5 Mod MSI

    Ok, new plans: 1 system will be made with the MSI Z77MA-G45 motherboard as it is awesomely easy to use for this purpose. The other may be a full ATX M/B. I'm looking for a fully compatible working Full ATX M/B good for 2 OS's, 1 good for gaming on win7, 1 for Mountain Lion. Any comment to that...
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    Where did the sticky article with all the recommended parts go for G5 builds?

    Look into the Customization thread near the top of the Workshop forum. Or the legacy forum here:
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    New G5 Mod MSI

    New G5 Mods MSI Z77MA-G45 I just heard today from David at The Laser Hive that I will be able to convert the 2004 G5 case to the full ATX back plate 120 kit even though I already cut it for the MATX kit, So I will be making the change as listed above/last post. As soon as I divert my wife's...
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    New G5 Mod MSI

    OK, I've decided my 2004 G5 hack will continue , I have made progress on my G5 late 3 2005 hack. It's a much simpler approach as no beauty panels in side. These photos are of the test run just before tidying up wiring and in stalling the hot swapper drive cage from The Laser Hive as I've decided...
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    What to replace DVD slot with on G5?

    Doh, I never thought of that... maybe just use a piece of the case mesh in your cutting any out of your case for a backplate.
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    What to replace DVD slot with on G5?

    Or maybe this:
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    G5 Hackintosh: Best motherboard for fitting inside case?

    You should take a look at this thread by kduvernay: for more info on MATX boards that work with OS X. Like Ersterhernd said the MSI Z77MA-G45 board is very good for a MATX board, of the last 6 machines I put...
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    New G5 Mod MSI

    I'm sorry for the lack of progress lately.... I'm struggling with coming up with a new plan on how to continue, swapping some of the intended parts to a new full ATX build has forced me to rethink my approach. lol As soon as I decide which way to go with these builds I'll start posting again.
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    New G5 Mod MSI

    I've decided to use my new 7 hot swap drive cage from The Laser Hive for a full ATX build. I've a couple of cases waiting in the wings for projects. Built a new blue tooth mod for the hack, put together a new wifi mod using info from this thread...