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    Benefits of flashing bios?

    Hi, Everything is working, apart from sleep. The only problem is when I shut down it takes about a minute to shut down, which is a bit long. Does patching the bios make like shutdown/startup faster, as there does appear to be a patch for my motherboard. Thanks in advance
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    Dual Booting Windows 7 + Mac (Mountain Lion) with both Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse - Bluetooth Se

    Hi, I have tried this and it does not work for me. After I complete all the steps, it says "A bluetooth device is trying to connect, allow this?" I click yes, and it says enter a code, I enter 0000 and it connects. But after booting into mac it doesn't work. I then reconnected in Mac OS X but...
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    ntfs_fixup: Magic number doesn't match?

    No one has encountered this issue before?
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    ntfs_fixup: Magic number doesn't match?

    Hi everyone, I'm having some issues, everytime I start up my computer, I see this error message before chameleon boots up. Does anyone know what its about and how to fix it? I've attached a picture of it. Thanks in advance. Uploaded with
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    Greyed out Volume Icon.

    Everything appears to be fine. When I click on configure speakers though and click the test icon, it makes an odd sound. I tried another soundcard and then volume control started working, which means its specific to the alesis soundcard. I have emailed them for support and will update this...
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    Greyed out Volume Icon.

    Hi everyone, I'm running ML 10.8.2, everything works fine, audio works fine too, just cant change the volume from the top bar thingy. I'm not using the onboard audio, I'm using an external USB audio card, an Alesis iO2 express, which pretty much just worked, didn't install anything for it. I...
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    I can only boot when my external hard drive is plugged in, help!?

    Hi everyone, Basically I installed Mountain Lion 10.8 using the unibeast option. Everything works fine but only if I leave the external hard drive that I used to install plugged in, I can take it out after everythings booted up, but I can't before it. If I take out the external hard drive, it...
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    Just another newbie here, would appreciate your help.

    Would appreciate any help?
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    Just another newbie here, would appreciate your help.

    Well, hello everyone! These are my specs: Asus Motherboard p8z68-v lx Intel Sandybridge 2500k 16gb Ram GTX 560 Ti 448 I already have Windows 7 installed on my main hard drive. I want to install a "Hackintosh" on one of my other internal hard drives. I wish to be able to dual boot. Are my...