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    Black Screen (Installer)

    @ Brandon223 What monitor are you using? With my Hackintosh I use a 30" Apple Cinema display with a Gigabyte Radeon HD5770 GPU with DVI cable. It will boot and then the screen goes blank. My early fix was to unplug the DVI cable and then plug it back in. May not apply, but ... :wave:
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    Bluetooth dongle

    I use a Rocket Fish RF-MRBTAD and have for quite a while. :thumbup: This thread has comments from others on their dongles. viewtopic.php?f=22&t=28826
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    Do You Use a Webcam? Recommend One Here.

    I use a Logitech Pro 9000. Excellent unit. Software included for windows, and Plug n Play for Mac. Great for Skype. :thumbup: ... B000RZQZM0
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    [SOLVED] Low Cinebench numbers for i7-2600k and GTX 580...

    Re: Low Cinebench numbers for i7-2600k and GTX 580 in 10.7.4? I don't believe is is the CPU. Not sure about the GTX 580. Just posting for comparison. Hope using the other recommended programs show better results. :thumbup: cinebench 2 1 2012 i7.png
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    Most of my personal files are randomly gone!

    No way to tell what made the files disappear, but a redundant backup on a new drive is recommended. My data loss is usually self inflicted, so I also keep a set of backup files on DVD or DVD DLs. A few 3 ring binders full of disks have saved me over the years. Good Luck. :wave:
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    Power Supply suggestion

    Any good quality PSU will work. There are many links on this sites. Using this link will get you the wattage you need. :thumbup: ... index.html
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    HD3000 64 MB of Shared System Memory - NO KEXT LOADED!

    I did a search using the search block on the log in page for your motherboard and found many with DSDT modifications to correct the problems using the HD3000 internal graphics. One is viewtopic.php?f=15&t=61821&view=previous :thumbup:
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    Helps pls ..... installing using CD

    You cannot buy LION on DVD. Install Snow Leopard from retail DVD.(White with snow leopard image) Use a guide to install Snow Leopard and then install LION.
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    Your First Computer

    My first computer ? was the TI-59 programmable calculator. It used magnetic strips for storage and I had the thermal printer that it mounted on. I think the package ran about $1200 My next was a Commodore 16. It lasted about 3 months and then I upgraded :D to a Commodore 64. I used a tape...
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    From A Hackintosh to a Macintosh?

    Opposite for me :D I have been Mac user for around 25 years, although I train on and repair both Windows and Macs. :wave:
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    Can't boot after 10.6.7 combo update.

    That would be version 3.10.1, right?
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    Can't boot after 10.6.7 combo update.

    So, you get a working version of 10.6.0 or 10.6.3? And then the update to 10.6.7 fails. You are following the iBoot + MultiBeast guide? What version of MultiBeast are you using? :thumbup:
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    Can't update AT ALL

    My question is still when you log onto this website from another computer, do you see the button. If it is there, then it is an issue on your hackintosh. If there is no button using another computer, then it is tied to your account. :think:
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    Can't update AT ALL

    I would use disk utilities to check and repair permissions. I would also check the hard drive. This is a screen shot of the bottom of the thread we are on with the new topic button on the lower left of the screen. Still not understanding why you are having the issues. What OS version are you...
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    Can't update AT ALL

    Click on the New Topic button next to Post Reply to start a new thread. What are you trying to download? :think: