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    HP 4540s: "Product Information Not Valid" error message at system start up

    If the laptop were under warranty fine, I would have gone to HP directly, but that was not the case. So, as a last resort and without breaking any copyright laws, I used wndmifit64.exe from HP. Gather your laptop info: Serial (below battery), SKU (product number), PCID (remove back panel) and...
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    Webcam Problems with FaceTime

    I have the exact same issue on an i3 4540. I have an i5 4540 also and it has no issues at all. Facetime does work when started from iMessage but as soon as the facetime app window is touched, it freezes until photo boot, video settings from iMessage or camera control is opened. 8/24/14...
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    Mavericks on Dell Inspiron 1440

    Just wanted to let you know your advice was followed. Got an HP Probook 4540s i5 for $125 on ebay, broken screen, no hard drive. Replaced LCD screen (ebay $50 plus shipping) got new wifi bluetooth AR9285 AR5B195 card (ebay $7.61), already had a spare hard drive and got refunded $10 for the...
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    Mavericks on Dell Inspiron 1440

    I don't have QE/CI, no given solution seems to exist from what I've read, maybe someone with the appropriate knowledge has done it with the GMA4500MHD. I have abandoned the idea of removing nullcpu, whatever I have done still gets me HPETs not configured correctly panic, so I decided to leave it...
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    Mavericks on Dell Inspiron 1440

    I am running Mavericks on a Dell 1440. See: Used Unibeast and Mavericks downloaded from App Store at 10.6.8 on the same Dell. Take battery off, use external keyboard. Boot pen drive -v pci=off. Once installed run Multibeast, DSDT Free. Kexts: Evo, Fake...