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    Literally cannot read the "Guide," No audio devices, ALC1150, OSX 10.11.4 (probably easy fix, please

    I seem to have the same problem as you. Running El Captian. Motherboard is GA Z97X UD7 TH. Also needs ALC1150. Ran Multibeast to install ALC1150 after first boot, but audio still doesn't work after restart. I tried reading that guide too, which is overwhelming with info that I can't figure out...
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    ALC1150 - Gigabyte GAZ97X UD7 TH

    This is a first time build for me. Running El Capitan. I'm able to boot into my system only with the boot arg nv_disable=1. I used Multibeast on my first boot and installed ALC1150, however I still don't have any audio. Looking in my system preferences, it does not show anything under my output...
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    SUCCESS - GA-Z97X-UD7 TH - i7 4790K - 32GB

    I'm running around the same build as you—same motherboard, cpu, and gpu (if you installed it?). Are you running El Capitan 10.11.4? If so, were you able to get your Nvidia drivers to work? Also, how do you get sound to work? I installed ALC1150 via Multibeast, but it still doesn't find any...
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    First Time Build – Need Help!

    Yes, I'm aware the the goal is to boot with nvda_drv=1 only and after I installed the Web Drivers that was added to my boot args. But as I said, when I would boot up like that, "on the Apple logo screen, the progress bar fills really slowly, then the system hangs as it gets to the end." I can't...
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    First Time Build – Need Help!

    Thank you for your reply. The thread you reference seems to be for upgrading to El Capitan from Yosemite, but I attempted what it described. I did a fresh install of El Capitan. After the first boot, I allowed security permissions to allow apps from anywhere. Then, I ran El Capitan Multibeast...
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    First Time Build – Need Help!

    This is a first time build for me. I'm trying to dual boot El Capitan and Windows 10 on separate partitions from the same SSD. Everything goes fine until post installation, typically after I install Nvidia's Web Driver. After doing so, my system will either have a "no" sign, be stuck on the...