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    Security Update 2020-002 (High Sierra) & (Mojave)

    I know this is already 1 month old, but I managed to get the NVIDIA Drivers working on the High Sierra 2020-002 security update. Working on a Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 i5-4570 with an NVIDIA GTX 1050. No workarounds, I used the pkg with the official and latest NVIDIA Driver, However, I don't...
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    High Sierra - IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3 Boot problem

    Don't enable InjectNvidia since its deprecated and now replaced with nvda_drv=1
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    << Solved >> HackMac doesn`t boot after Clover and Catalina Update

    Try booting with rootless disabled or in unsigned kexts allowed...?
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    Clover loads Default theme instead of the theme i choosed in config.plist.

    Hi everybody, I have a problem today, i've managed to boot clover successfully without usb (the day of my bday), but since 1 month ago, the theme that came with clover after doing the unibeast drive (aka tonymacx86 theme) was gone, i've checked everything and the theme name is spelled correctly...
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    High Sierra wont boot in normal mode but it boots in verbose mode.

    Hello everybody. After i read about mavericks and why i cannot use my nvidia card on there, i decided to upgrade to high sierra and i got it fully working without graphical or other issues. The only problem is, when i boot high sierra, enabling the nvidia web drivers bootflag and InjectNvidia...
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    Enable Web Drivers in Mac OS X Mavericks with an NVIDIA GTX 1050 card?

    Hello everyone, i'm very new at hackintosh, i've have done a mojave hackintosh with some bugs due to my card not being supported because of NVIDIA drivers not being available, so now, im trying to do a mac os x mavericks hackintosh, but i cant make the graphics work right, i've used chameleon as...