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    Q: Asus Z87-Pro + onboard Bluetooth + sleep?

    No settings for bluetooth in bios like that. Just enable/disable, same for Wi-Fi. I am fairly sure it's the Atheros combo issue (and the fact it's outdated and never really supported), I am trying to fix it before buying a compatible BT dongle. As soon as the port HS04 is excluded/disabled...
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    Q: Asus Z87-Pro + onboard Bluetooth + sleep?

    Not as such, it's literally soldered onboard - Qualcom Atheros AR9642 wifi/bt combo. Functional under El Capitan, then partly functional in Sierra and High Sierra, unable to make wi-fi work in Mojave, BT only partly. Can be disabled from bios but not my point, I'm quite fixed to my Apple...
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    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    This old dinosaur: Z87-PRO, i7-4790k@4.7GHz, 16Gb@1600MHz
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    Q: Asus Z87-Pro + onboard Bluetooth + sleep?

    Is anybody still running Mohave on this mo-bo? The question I have is regarding built-in bluetooth/wifi combo AR9642. Is it possible to use the on-board bluetooth (nevermind the wi-fi) yet have a fully working sleep behavior? Everything works fine for me except from that. When I exclude built in...
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    Kext For AR9462 On El Capitan

    Helooo, Thanks for this post and kext in the first place! At last I can see my damned wifi sort of working (Asus Z87 Pro, el capitan 10.11.6). Bluetooth worked fine before, now I can even turn wifi of/off and connect to my wireless but soon after that computer starts lagging to the point where I...