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    How to Make a Certificate Authority

    Is it intentional that the CA will expire in 3 days (the cert downloaded from is valid only until 22.11.2013)? Thanks
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    G4 Cube - MT0.2-ST-NR-N

    You seem to have placed the sensor upside down in your build, the wires from the sensor should go 'down' (e.g. the sensor's 3M sticky pad pointing to the top of the cube). Slepped added a 3mm plexiglas with a 3mm LED on top of the sensor to illuminate the power state, the visible wires in the...
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    Passive Single Slot Card OOB (for 10.7.3 or above, 10.8). HELP.

    Sapphire RADEON HD 6450 1GB worked for me OOB on ML with GraphicsEnabler=No via DVI, or with GE=yes and AtiConfig=Bulrushes. Have not tested multiple monitors though. Performance is similar to HD3000.