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    [SOLVED] Clover Update r4586 disables OS Boot (Black Screen)

    You saved my life, dude! I appreciate your effort. Thank you very much.
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    Nvidia 1050 ti HDMI output port (Audio) - now work on VoodooHda

    Do you guys have the same problem that there are multiple HDMI Outputs visible but only one is working?
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    Can't Enable HDMI Audio gtx 1070

    Using Voodoohda 2.9.0 from and HDMI Audio is finally working with my 1060.
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    Skylake Intel HD 530 Graphics Glitch Fix

    This patch fixed it for me, too.
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    A 1060 or 1070 is much cheaper than a 980 and much more cheaper than a SLI setup. Useless comment.
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    Okay, that's odd. My Intel Inject for Intel HD 530 works fine. But it's not the cleanest solution having two cables directing into a single display. But it works for me without unplugging cables.
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    Why installing a second card and don't use the integrated graphics?