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    sound only in headphone and bluetooth

    I actually didn't understand how to use the code, I did a google search but I don't know where to find the routes I have to follow.
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    sound only in headphone and bluetooth

    I gonna try now, thanks.
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    sound only in headphone and bluetooth

    I installed the MAc Catalina on the Hp Pavilion 15 cs0051wm and after installing the kexts I found on the internet the sound started working on the headphone and via bluetooth but I couldn't get it to work on the notebook speakers, does anyone know of any kext or how or where to change...
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    Docker Error

    I installed Macos Catalina on my computer but I can't run the docker container, I'm using a wifi adapter but I don't think that's the problem, keep giving the following error " Fatal error one of the sub-processes failed: com.docker.driver.amd64-linux -addr fd:3 -debug (pid: 1169)", somebody...
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    no permission to edit system folders

    I installed Mac Os Catalina on the Hp Pavilion 15cs0051wm (I5 8250u intel uhd graphics 620) Almost everything is working fine, just the trackpad that works with just one finger and I can't control the brightness of the screen, the ways I found to correct these errors need that some files be...
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    Init Clover Problems Mac Os Catalina

    I have an HP Pavilion 15cs0051wm with the following configuration: I5 5250u, intel UHD 620, 32GB Ram, SSD Adata xpg sx 8200 pro, 2tb hd for file storage. I installed Mac OS Catalina and it worked perfectly, the only problem is when connecting without a bootable flash drive the notebook turned...