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    High Sierra - RX Vega & Final Cut h.264 fix

    Thank you very much to all !! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time. I feel like a great family that together we make big progress and we help each other. Once again I was able to solve the problem of exporting files to mp4 thanks to you, a problem with which I have spent many hours...
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    Memory Not Correct in "About This Mac"

    You have to modify parameters in the "Text Mode" in Config.plist before mounting EFI
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    Memory Not Correct in "About This Mac"

    Hello friend, I think I can help you. You should modify the "Text Mode" file of the config.plis in Clover and assign it the same one that reflects BIOS of your motherboard. If you wish, give me the text of the "Text Mode" and I will modify it so that you only have to copy and paste. Regards .-
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    macOS High Sierra - Installation success but no Audio. help!!!!

    Hello my friend, install Realtek 892
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    High Sierra - GA-Z87X-UD3H WORKS!

    Thank you very much, I have followed your steps and I have managed to install HIGH SIERRA OSX, in GA-Z87X-D3H. great person for sharing your knowledge, and helping others. We are very grateful to you for your great work and your great discoveries. Thanks to people like you we are a great...
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    [success] Gigabyte H87M-D3H

    Of course bro!! jajaja :D
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    [success] Gigabyte H87M-D3H

    Is created with unibeast, after mavericks osx install from usb, and then MultiBeast 6.3 is installed. It works for me to perfection in H87M-D3H Gigabyte GT610 graphics card. The audio kexts are Realtek ALC892 and 8111 network. Anything preguntenme, I have it working perfectly. :headbang: