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    MSI modern 14 a10m-1029 hackintosh

    if your laptop ssd nvme is samsung pm981, it's not supported (randomly kernel panic)
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    No sound after reboot laptop from windows 10 to macos

    Try to uninstall realtek high definition audio driver, just use default windows driver. It works for me
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    probook 4340s, clover legacy, sound not working

    please help me how to enable sound, i installed osx 10.8.4 with clover legacy on probook 4340s. at this time only sound not working, i tried applehda clover patch but still no luck :( i hope there's HP PBI Clover Edition for Mountain Lion :D thanks
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    usb mouse can scroll only, can not move cursor or click

    thanks Rehabman, your right, my generic usb mouse not compatible with yosemite/el capitan, but its compatible with mavericks/windows i don't know why :)
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    usb mouse can scroll only, can not move cursor or click

    i got weird issue, my usb mouse can not move cursor but scrolling working. no issue in windows (dual boot) problem start since i upgrade from mavericks to yosemite, now i am on el-capitan 10.11.1 but the problem still exist :( need your help :)
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    Usb Wifi Restart after Wake issue

    i have probook 4340s with osx 10.9.5 clover legacy internal half-pcie wifi card in my laptop not supported by osx (AR9462) so i put usb wifi (RTL8192CU) no problem with usb wifi, i mean can connected to the internet but, the problem is every time wake from sleep it will always restart the...
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    AR9227 Kext

    WN751ND works with 10.7.5 only :roll: