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    << Solved >> Boot Task Failed: EndpointSecurity after finishing the installation

    For me it was caused by SMCBatteryManager.kext. Removed that kext, I can boot.
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    Stuck at End RandomSeed

    I have same problem on Acer v5-471g, with hfs+ I can boot normally, but with apfs stuck at end randomseed. I have tried many clover version and tried with aptiomemoryfix, optfix (v2, 3), etc, but no luck.
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    macOS Sierra PB: Need testers for new AMD Radeon drivers!

    Sierra 10.12.1 using clover latest version and Sapphire RX 460 2GB. When inject ATI set true, framebuffer automatically set to Acre and system recognized gpu name properly, but i got random freeze then it's logout, especially when open launchpad or clover config app. When inject ATI false...
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    Monitor goes to sleep after apple logo os sierra

    Same problem but I got blank screen after boot, for me, a workaround is: - Switch off your PC. - Connect display to the IGP. - Switch on, wait til reach desktop. - Change the display connection from IGP to RX 460. I got acceleration and metal support. Sierra 10.12.1 Final Sorry for english