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    Buying advice GPU Vega 56 vs GTX 1080 and Thunderbolt 3 for editing/color grading workstation

    All the cards listed in the Buyer's Guide are recommended for a Customac Pro. Those two you're looking at are actually not the most "Pro" ones in the list anymore, anyway.
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    Buying advice GPU Vega 56 vs GTX 1080 and Thunderbolt 3 for editing/color grading workstation

    I'm running my third Hackintosh built with a similar intent as you: Premiere/After Effects/Davinci Resolve up to UHD. The current iteration of X99 motherboard/Haswell Xeon CPU/64GB RAM/twin GTX 970 GPUs has been excellent for editing with 1080p proxy files (I often offline edit on my 13"...
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    Apple Updates Spinning Beach Ball in OS X 10.11 El Capitan

    No you won't. Though I will quickly learn to hate the new one, just as much!
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    Triple Monitors with Gigabyte HD6850... DVI-D port monitor issue

    Did you solve this in the end? Back in the day the DVI-D port used to be a no-go. I've just tried mine with the Bulrushes frame buffer and it doesn't show anything after boot. I can't remember any joy with Duckweed as a frame buffer either. You might have better luck using the hdmi port.
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    Gigabyte GC-Thunderbolt 2 PCIe Expansion Cards Now Available for X99 Motherboards

    To those with issues where devices aren't showing up as Thunderbolt devices in the system report: I'm running a Z77 based system, with integrated Thunderbolt. Devices don't show up as Thunderbolt connected in the system report, but they do show up elsewhere in the system report and work...
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    My iMessage stopped working today on my mackintosh anyone else?

    Had this issue, and called Apple. They couldn't find me on their systems with the serial number my system's using, but got there in the end with other details they had for me on my iMessage account. After that they fixed it very quickly. All in took about ten minutes (including the time...
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    Bitfenix Prodigy M compatible power supply units

    A smaller PSU might well do it. Pics here show others have managed it: Personally I find it difficult to get excited between PSUs, and I had a Corsair CX in the past which was fine. Otherwise I...
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    Bitfenix Prodigy M compatible power supply units

    Looking here, my GPU is only 230mm long: That fit in PCI slot 1 and 4 no problems, but you're right, a 280/290mm card would hit the PSU if it was in slot 1. I'm actually running my GPU from slot 4, as it worked out better...
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    Bitfenix Prodigy M compatible power supply units

    Reading around Avid (which I don't use much), the GPU support doesn't seem up to much. I'd say Premiere is more advanced in that respect. I've had a look at the supported cards for the Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere, and can't find the GT 640 in there. Here's Adobe's list of what works, and...
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    Bitfenix Prodigy M compatible power supply units

    I'm using a Prodigy M with an Antec 900W Gaming PSU (complete overkill, to be honest). It's not modular, and it all fits. Sometimes when I open the case I think it could all look a bit neater with a modular supply, but it's certainly not necessary. In mine I've got four RAM chips, a big fan...
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    Why NVIDIA over ATI GPUs?

    I'm about to gut my original hack today, to swap out the CPU, motherboard and case (to a Gigabyte Z77MX-d3h TH, i7-3770k and Bitfenix Prodigy M). Further down the line, I'm going to need to swap out my graphics as the HD 6850 I'm running is getting a little long in the tooth. Looking at the...
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    HDx000 with dedicated GPU video editing configuration

    I'm running a system with dual graphics: HD3000 and a Radeon 6850. I need the HD3000 to drive the displays, whilst having OS X see the Radeon GPU as the primary graphics card. The reason for this is that for working in Davinci Resolve I need the monitors connected to the HD3000 to run the GUI...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5-TH Now Available - Dual Thunderbolt 1.0 ports

    You're right about the RAM slots and how close they are too the CPU. My fan's quite big and I had to take the heatsink off the Corsair dimm that sits nearest the processor. Not a big deal as those heatsinks are held on with a foam that insulates heat on the chip rather than conducting it away...
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    The IOUSBFamily did not receive enough extra current for the SuperSpeed device. H77-DS3H

    Did you ever work this one out? I'm getting a series of drive kicks/remounts, and this 'not receiving enough extra current' error is popping up in my console. Like you, my drive has its own power supply.
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    USB 3 orico pfu3-2p

    Did you have any luck with this? I've bought a pfu3-4p and can't see mine in the system profiler. Although it's not showing in windows 7 device manager, either. [EDIT] Just to update, I swapped mine out to a different PCIe slot, and it's now showing up.