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    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Sierra/High Sierra/MOJAVE Install

    Just a heads up for UHD users installing 10.12.5, the installation is a slightly different. Edit ig-platform-id to 0x12345678. Also, after booting, my display went to a black screen, and I can't see the installer. However, if I connect an HDMI display I can see the installer on the HDMI...
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    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7559 El Capitan Hackintosh (Dual Boot With Windows)

    Fantastic guide, thanks for making this. One thing, I think you mean "BCM94352Z" for the wifi card (you forgot the 2 :) ) Also, I would like to mention how I solved two issues: 1. Kernel Panic (Page Fault) during install I installed an extra stick of RAM before, but I had to take it out...
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    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (Skylake, i7-6700HQ, Intel HD 530) Using Clover

    If anyone upgraded their RAM and is getting random kernel panics in the installer (page faults), remove your stick of ram, run the installer, then pop the ram stick back in. Note, you might be able to accomplish the same thing with a Clover maxmem flag or something, but this worked for me.
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    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (Skylake, i7-6700HQ, Intel HD 530) Using Clover

    Hi RehabMan, thanks for getting back to me. Only "kextstat|grep -y acpiplat" and "kextstat|grep -y applehda" had any output. MacBook-Air:~ aaron$ kextstat|grep -y acpiplat 13 2 0xffffff7f82539000 0x60000 0x60000 (4.0)...
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    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (Skylake, i7-6700HQ, Intel HD 530) Using Clover

    I'm having a heck of a time getting audio to work. I did all the DSDT and SSDT edits and everything is working except audio. I removed the AppleHDA_ALC256.kext and reinstalled it and rebuilt kextcache after rebooting without caches. I'm not sure what I'm missing here. I'm quite sure I applied...
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    Post OS X Cinebench CPU and Graphics Benchmarks

    Post OS X Yosemite Cinebench CPU and Graphics Benchmarks Glad to see my aging 3770k @4.8ghz getting a similar score as stock 4790k's.
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    NEW THEME: The Original Look by DMAUTOS

    That's awesome thanks! We've been needing a theme like this for a long time.
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    NEED Opinion on i7 980

    Not a bad deal. But if you look for bundle deals, you can get a new 4670k with a quality motherboard and 4Gb of ram for under $409 (minus the NH d14). Even without an overclock the 4670k will crush the 980 in single threaded loads. In multi threaded loads I would guess that 980 would beat...
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    [SUCCESS] The Girlfriend Build GA-B85-HD3 i3-4330 8GB RAM GeForce 8400GS

    I wonder if 8400gs is any faster than the hd4600. It seems like at most it would only be slightly faster and use a ton more power than the igpu.
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    Enable Graphics Intel HD4000 Ivy Bridge Laptops

    I find it can play most modern games at all low setting at 1080p or can play at low-medium setting at 720p.
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    Getting into the Hackinthosh world. Can I do it with this build?

    Most of your parts are dated, but should work. Your motherboard will likely require a DSDT. I found this thread for you, The only other part I am skeptical of is your...
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    How much watt PSU will be enough for this system unit?

    Anything at least 400 watts from a decent manufacture will suffice. Probably could go less, but 400 leaves you lots of room for expansion (minus dual graphics cards).
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    CustoMac Pro Build and won't POST to BIOS

    Does it shut itself down? Or does it just remain frozen?
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    Temporary Solution for Mavericks Audio Issues

    My crackling issue goes away if I use the black audio port or if I keep a microphone plugged into the front jack.
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    Audio Randomly Stops Working

    Are you by any chance using the Realtek 898 or 892 codec? Same problem, normally I find this problem after my computer has been sitting idle for a while or after waking it from sleep.