1. 877

    X5670 (Westmere), which version of iboot?

    Which version of iboot should I use please? Should I use legacy 2.7.2? It seems the X56700 is a Westmere, older than Ivy Bridge/Haswell/Broadwell. Many thanks
  2. 877

    Would this setup work?

    Hi everyone, Would like to know if this setup could work, I would be looking to dual boot windows 10 Asus P6T deluxe v2 motherboard (X58) Intel Xeon X5670 (SLBV7) EVGA GTX970 SC 4GB Corsair Dominator 6GB @1600Mhz Also have: PCI SATA expansion card (Marvell 91xx SATA 6G) PCI USB3.0...
  3. gatore666

    Your advises on a 2 X Intel Xeon X5670 2930 MHz configuration

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this question is close to something already posted but i couldn't find something really clear as xeon and 1366 motherboards are not the main used component around here. I'm simply looking for the most reliable and stable motherboard to fit the two Intel Xeon X5670...