1. RocketMan212

    Help Getting Sleep and Battery Working On Asus X54C

    Hello, I have successfully gotten macOS Sierra working on my ASUS X54C. Everything works except for Sleep and Battery. I've tried messing with darkwake commands for sleep but there has been no difference. For battery I have tried RehabMan's ACPI Battery Driver, and have gotten a battery...
  2. Macinman5

    Clover bootloader graphics problem

    Hi, Ive tried everything i can but I still cant solve this by myself. Im trying to get clover bootloader working on my hackintosh but it wont boot to OS X desktop. I choose my 10.9 partition, apple logo and spinning wheel appear - looks like its booting - but then out of a sudden the apple...
  3. Macinman5

    Mavericks boot is EXTREMELY slow

    Hi finally managed to install mavericks on my Asus X54C after some boot issues (could not boot w/o/ UniBeast USB). Solved it with some terminal codes and installed Chimera from Multibeast 6. Something noticable about the new software is the time it takes to fully boot. Im not sayin it is...
  4. earthsea98

    Haveing a problem with Asus x54c laptop

    I can not install clover properly, I keep getting a messege like this when it boots up Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:GPT Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:error I have to use RBoot to boot into OSX Have any ideas how to fix/install clover properly?