windows 10 updates

  1. orfeas

    dual boot questions

    Hello all, FIrst of all, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area as I couldn't figure out where to put it, so let me know if I need to move this elsewhere. I set up my system as a dual-boot years ago (Mac OS 10.6 on one drive and Windows 7 on another) and have been using it without too...
  2. DLLauch

    Restore Clover Bootloader after Windows update

    Ok following problem: Crappy Win10 updated itself and has overwritten my bootloader, i.e. Clover is gone. Is there any easy way to restore it without having to create a new Clover USB Stick? - Using e.g. EasyBCD within Windows? (I think not possible because of EFI partition?) - Somehow install...
  3. Kositch

    Sharing BT devices between W10 and macOS

    Hi, mayby there is no solution, but I want to ask. I have BT speakers and BT keyboard. When I pair these devices under W10 and then I switch to macOS i need to pair it also under macOS. It is normal, but when I return to W10 I need to repair it again and in macOS also again. I think that BT...
  4. hsnuonly

    Can't get into clover

    I had both Windows 10 on SSD and Ubuntu on HDD in my computer at first. But I then formatted the Ubuntu disk unexpectedly when I tried to set a new portion for the Hackintosh. At that time I thought that I can use clover EFI to fix this. However I forgot to change the disk into GPT, so it...