will not boot

  1. NickSGuil

    [Solved] Sierra Stuck at Fully Loaded Apple Logo z170x Gaming 7

    Hey Guys! Firstly i'd like to thank this forum for even existing. Secondly the situation... I've successfully built 4 Hackintosh for Music Production. The problem is with a Gigabyte z170 gaming 7 The Build was working perfectly smooth for a long time then it just died. first the windows...
  2. FoRmaT

    I can´t access my mac partition :(

    Hi I have been succesfully using a dual boot (win7, lion) for almost 8 months I got the mac black reset screen once in a while but apart from that everything worked fine. Last week I started to get a weird screen while on mac, the computer would freeze, the screen would turn black and, if I...