vj live mixing

  1. Hyacinthe

    Looking to build workstation for VJing, Video Editing, 3D

    I am in the early planning stages of building a powerful workstation that would be used mainly for VJing (Resolume Arena 6), editing (FCPx, After Effects) and possibly 3D real-time renders in TouchDesigner. Based on the July 18 Buying Guides, I am leaning towards a configuration like this...
  2. theFrenchMan

    VJ (live video mixing) build 19" rack

    Hi, This is a thread to discuss the specific requirements for a VJ build housed in a 19" rack chassis. On previous builds I have used a 4u short form case which works well and allows for full size video cards however it would be useful to see if the case size could be reduced to 3u, 2u or...