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  1. Monzo97

    Creating a new administrator user account on High Sierra

    I recently tried to change the name of my administrator user account but this made the account turn into a standard one. Now I can't put in the administrator username and password when requested, which is a big problem when it comes to installing things. I have High Sierra (not sure if there is...
  2. piupiu

    Apple forces to change password after every macOS update

    Hello experts! I have a very weird situation that maybe someone can shed some light on. I have a macOS Sierra build with Clover. Each time I install any update to the OS, Apple locks my iCloud and iMessage Apple user ID and I have to reset the password. When I don't do any updates, all works...
  3. Gobias

    Cannot log in to user account after crash

    Recently my computer crashed, and ever since, I have not been able to log in to my primary user account. I just get a spinning beachball, and it hangs and never logs in. I've left it for about 20 minutes, but there is no change. I've tried booting in safe mode, but that made no difference. I...
  4. chazush

    Hackintosh suddenly won't recognise internal hdd

    Hi all I was shutting my hackintosh down this morning when all of a sudden it decided to restart itself as I had left my USB mouse in (regular issue, not a problem) however as I was in a bit of a rush when it was restarting i just held down the power button to turn it off. Came back this...