1. Nader70

    HDD (SATA) Unpluged in Bigsur

    I use SSD in main bay and use HDD (SATA) in dvd-driver bay. I just use CtlnaAHCIPort.kext. (HDD is samsung from 2015) I disabled "put hdd on sleep on any situation" I used command line "sudo pmset -c spindown 0" Prolem : After doing all above, when it is not in use, it will un-plug...
  2. sohrobby

    High Sierra post-install stability issues

    I have a couple of questions that I’m hoping the community can help me with. I have successfully installed Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.3 on a machine I built with the following specs: Gigabyte GA-Z270N-Gaming 5 (not on the recommended list but almost identical to one that is, GA-Z270N-WiFi). 7th...
  3. SweetLights

    Have to unplug/replug monitor cable after boot - El Capitan

    Hello I have installed osx El Capitan on my system but I have only one problem left. When I boot into my system, after the apple logo, my screen goes black. I guess the signal gets lost. But if I unplug/replug my monitor cable (DisplayPort to miniDisplayPort) the signal returns and then I can...
  4. ohhh07

    Hackintosh won't turn on unless unplug then plug it back in

    Hi everyone, I am new to community and I have successfully built my first Hackintosh running 10.9.1 Mavericks! It's running fine its just that when i shut it down it wont turn back on unless i unplug the power cord then plug it back in. Also when it goes to sleep I am forced to do the same...